brindy (brindy) wrote in nwn,

neverwinter gauntlet - call for testers/developers

hi all,

i've created a new module for neverwinter nights called "neverwinter gauntlet". it's a tribute to the arcade classic gauntlet. the website is here:

and i post progress updates here:

so far i have done 1 level and would like testers to check it out and make sure there are no massive bugs in what i have done so far, as i will be re-using a lot of the scripts for all the other levels. suggestions are also welcome.

i realise there is already something like this done before, and there is a link to that module on the links page of my website.

i'm also looking for level designers/writers further down the line. my plan is to get the first 10 levels done myself as the majority of the scripting will be complete, so it should be mainly content that needs to be done. once i have finished level 10, i can start farming out batches of levels to other competent neverwinter nights developers who are interested in this project.

if you're interested in testing, please download the module from my website and post comments here or on posts on nw_gauntlet. if you're interested in becoming a level designer, again just comment somewhere so i can contact you later.

thanks in advance!


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